Gallery Accountant Gratuitously Beaten by Belgian Police

Like the NYPD, Police know how to give a beating in Belgium. The differences are, that when they're done. they don't stuff a rack of false charges up your ass while you're still in a coma. In the capital area of Brussels, an accounting intern of Molière theater received one of these gratuities when he looked out to see what all the noise was outside. It was a political protest in dire need of suppression, and local police have learned the same methods of general terror to shut them down as we have seen in CIA training manuals, and on the streets of New York City.

A 29 year old Angolan beaten by Brussels police on Tuesday, December 3, 2022 has filed an official complaint. The internal control service of the Brussels-Capital-Ixelles zone has opened an investigation.

These details are know from source linked below:

"They were in Robocop mode"

"This 29-year-old Angolan is doing an accounting internship at the Molière theater, whose entrance opens into the Matonge gallery. Alerted by noises in the gallery, he took a look. there that police accused him of being a troublemaker and violently attacked him. They threw him on the ground and he fell on the corner of a glass table. They then kicked and beat him with truncheons. Two dogs bit him on the legs. We tried to tell the police that our intern had done nothing, but they wouldn't listen. They were in Robocop mode", explained Peter Van Rompaey, director of Muziekpublique, the non-profit organization that manages the Molière theater.

Still in a state of shock, the Angolan trainee suffers from bruises and multiple injuries. Following his beating in the Matonge gallery, he was administratively arrested and then released overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday.




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