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Former PDI official Fernando Ulloa remains a refugee in the Ecuadorian embassy

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Patricio Mery - Fernando Ulloa

While the journalist, Patricio Mery, who investigated and publicly denounced the drug trafficking case reported by the former uniformed officer and which would involve the CIA to overthrow the Ecuadorian president, is in Buenos Aires, Argentina, publicizing the made and seeking international support.

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A former PDI inspector and the journalist, Patricio Mery, denounced last year a plot by US Intelligence (CIA) and members of the Government of Sebastián Piñera, to overthrow the re-elected Ecuadorian president, Rafael Correa, financing himself through drug trafficking. Fearing for his life, the former PDI official has been taking refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in Santiago for almost a month. While the journalist is in Buenos Aires, seeking international solidarity. Fernando Ulloa informed his superiors that a well-oiled organization brings 200 kilograms of cocaine from Bolivia to his country every month, from where it is exported, distributed and sold.

However, those who should lead the fight against drug trafficking, instead of getting ready to disrupt the gang, suggested that Ulloa forget about the matter. But the former police officer, who had always voted for the right and also trusted President Sebastián Piñera, took the information to the front lines of the government and met with the then Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Hinzpeter. He handed him hot folders, revealing the complicity of members of the PDI with drug trafficking.

Ulloa's confidence in his government did not last long, as he soon realized that Hinzpeter had "lost" the file. He had filed the complaint at the wrong window and now he feared for his life. Fired from his job for "misconduct," he decided to make the case public, in defense of his own physical integrity.

Diffusion of the fact

Patricio Mery Bell is a well-known Chilean journalist, director of Panoramas News, who has made serious complaints against the head of the Chilean police force, which has led to persecution and mistreatment. Ulloa's story was credible to him and he decided to investigate the drug trafficking network, until he reached a disturbing conclusion: important members of the Investigative Police, the Navy, the government... and the Agency are involved in cocaine trafficking in Chile. American Central Intelligence. The CIA.

According to the information that Mery Bell disseminates from Panoramas News, drug trafficking has political objectives for the CIA. It seeks funding to destabilize progressive governments in the Southern Cone, particularly that of Ecuador's President Rafael Correa, who already suffered a police coup attempt in 2010.

CIA agents are like witches. They don't exist, but... in Chile to say "CIA" is to talk about the behind the scenes of the coup against the socialist president Salvador Allende, in 1973. As was to be expected, the complaint by the now ex-inspector Ulloa and the journalist Mery were rejected by the Chilean government and threats and intimidation towards them increased.

Different was the attitude of the government of Ecuador. The Minister of Foreign Relations of that country, Ricardo Patiño Aroca, officially received Mery, who gave him the information he had. "History repeats itself: @PatricioMery's complaint claims that the CIA uses drug trafficking business to finance destabilization," Patiño wrote on his Twitter account after the meeting.

President Correa himself, in statements to the press, admitted that the complaint was being studied by his government. And Mery was interviewed by Andes, Ecuador's public news agency: "The CIA is planning the assassination of the President of Ecuador, alert Chilean journalist," was the title of the note published on January 4 of this year.

On January 25, former inspector Ulloa (emulating the famous Julián Assange, founder of Wikileaks) appeared at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Chile and requested refuge, alleging that his life is in danger. Since then he has been staying at the diplomatic headquarters, waiting for the Correa government to grant him asylum, a decision that has not yet been made. He was accompanied by Mery, who a few days later traveled to Buenos Aires, trying to awaken international solidarity with the refugee.

"Integrity in danger"

"I came to Argentina to spread the unfortunate reality of my country, which is being used as a CIA platform to destabilize progressive governments of the region," Mery explained, in dialogue with Colonia Vela magazine of Argentina.

"My integrity clearly is in danger, but I am even more concerned with the situation of Inspector Ulloa and other sources, they are in the sights to be silenced," the journalist trust and warned that "if something happens to me or my sources, the person in charge of Direct will be the president of Chile, who with his silence and complicity is part of this destabilization network. ”

"There are people here who put their lives at risk to denounce this assassination attempt, Ecuadorians would be irresponsible if they had not paid the corresponding attention," Mery considered and trusted to "sensitize the international community."

In addition, Mery highlighted his thanks to President Rafael Correa, who "has protected Ulloa, even enduring Chile's economic and political pressure." "My country maintains an important commercial relationship with Ecuador," Mery said and trusted to "gather me in the shortest term with Argentine authorities."

"If you want to locate me, I am at your disposal, it would be an honor to meet with President Cristina," he emphasized.

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