No One Wants to Mention Wikileaks Server is Down.

INDYRADIO (12jan23) At about the same time John Young of got permanently suspended from Twitter, we were doing some research and could not access any files from

Of course, the site looks completely normal, unless you actually try to use it.

We tried from several different locations in the world, since we have access to servers, but the results are either a 502 or 503 error.

We would have to explain "reverse proxies", in order to further discuss this, but the bottom line is simple:

only the menus, layouts, and a few files are available at None of their releases are available.

We've tried to break this and of course, no response from any Corporate Media.

You know Corporate Media Lies, when you see the New York Times cheering for "journalistic freedom", and showing symbolic support of Assange and Wikileaks, but when it comes to the endgame, what side do they always play? We know better than anyone.

With all their resources, they once again absolutely fail, again.

Brian Krebs quit relying on the corporate paycheck in 2009. Whatever reason he gave, we do know that was about the time Washington Post handed over one of their servers to the NSA. We managed to get his attention, and we appreciate indybay has kept open publishing alive.

Of course, we're open to correction, so if you can get any of the diplomatic cables from Todd Chapman during his last days in Ecuador, we'd appreciate it. Just reply to our upcoming post at and we'll update here.

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