FBI COINTELPRO Document Release

It was my original intention to return the stolen FBI documents to the site where they were hosted. The War Resister's League seems to have no interest, so we're sharing them here instead, along with additional supporting documents.

The only honest release of documents from the FBI during their existence was managed by The Citizen's Committee to Investigate the FBI, in Media, Pennsylvannia. In so many instances, the "sources" and methods" used by our government are an appropriate cause for concern, and though we have mechanisms for oversight, they have been co-opted and abused so badly, that we can not even expect our government agencies to honour a legal subpeona or obey the law.

The story of the FBI burglars has been told many times and in many ways. It's not my purpose to retell that story, except in the words of document release itself.

My purpose is to ask the question "Does the FBI program for domestic political surveillance, once known as #COINTELPRO continue today? Of course we need more than a mere "yes" or "no", as Ward Churchill understood when he assembled a large collection of documents in 1990.

The FBI documents that first revealed the existence of COINTELPRO, a domestic surveillance program, are supposedly linked on the website of the War Resisters' League, but they have not been available for more than a year. We've messaged them in various ways since November of 2021, and they have not once responded. Their site continues to provide an external download link where nothing is found.

We can't wait any longer, so we are fixing the problem right now. In addition to the COINTELPRO documents, we are also sharing "The COINTELPRO Papers" which was reluctantly copyrighted by Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall in 1990:

"Copyrights are required for book production in the United States.
However,in our case, it is a disliked necessity"

If they wish to enforce their copyright, we will respect this, but it's unlikely. Their publisher, South End Press, is now defunct, and there has been no attempt to sell any copies of this book for many years. What we have is a rather poor pdf file.

We now publish:
"The Complete Collection of Political Documents Ripped off from the FBI Office in Media Pa March 8,1971 WIN, March 1972", attached below.
 "The COINTELPRO Papers" is also for available for download here. POLITICAL DOCUMENTS FROM THE FBI THE COINTELPRO PAPERS
These documents need to be transcribed to text, literally typed in to the web, so they can be listed and found in search engines. To further protect the accurate record of our history, I am claiming for the attached documents a Creative Commons 3.0 License, with the express stipulation that these documents must not be altered, though they will hopefully be widely shared.

David Roknich,

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