Violence Thwarted as France Wins World Cup Semi-Final

"They came prepared for battle on the Champs-Elysées"

PARIS (15dec22) A heavily armed group of 40 was arrested by French police as the World Cup semi-final in France concluded today. The French are jubilant after their victory over Morroco and also glad they were able to nip post-game violence in the bud, with 2,200 police on the scene who were not there for political reasons we might expect, but to break up fights that are too often seen as a sports match winds down.

The usual fights after a sports match sometimes result in stampede, injury and death. The only casualty today was a 14 year old who was run over by a car with a French flag that was surrounded by fans from Morocco. The driver panicked, made a u-turn, and the child he hit died in the hospital after emergency treatment.

A different type of violence

The story, reported already by AFP and Le Figaro, continues to break, and we will return within a few hours with a more complete report.

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