Europe Braces for Flood of Weapons from Ukraine War

Frontex, in a very recent report, notes that "if a conflict takes place on Poland's eastern border, Ukraine is not yet the main source of illegal weapons entering the EU" and warns the fact that this “situation could change when the hostilities end in Ukraine and if the weapons distributed to Ukrainian citizens at the start of the conflict and those during the hostilities are resold on the black market. All this remains - for now - a forecast and an analysis of the threats that the EU could face.

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Headlines July,20, 2023 from Democracy Now!

Mass Protests in Peru Demand Departure of President Dina Boluarte

Jul 20, 2023

In Peru, tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Lima Wednesday to demand interim President Dina Boluarte step down. Boluarte came to power following the ouster of leftist President Pedro Castillo in December of last year. Dozens of protesters were killed in the ensuing crackdown by police and security forces.

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Proposed EU Child Abuse Regulation Seriously Flawed Say 458 Researchers

Joint statement of scientists and researchers on EU’s proposed Child Sexual Abuse Regulation: 4 July 2023

Dear Members of the European Parliament,

Dear Member States of the Council of the European Union,


The signatories of this statement are scientists and researchers from across the globe.

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Headlines July 3, 2023

In Guatemala, Progressive Bernardo Arévalo Advances to Presidential Runoff

Jul 05, 2023

Bernardo Arévalo is the son of former President Juan José Arévalo, Guatemala’s first democratically elected leader, who pushed for revolutionary social reforms when he was in office from 1945 to ’51.

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