License Plate Readers Approved by Santa Cruz City Council

(expect updates on this)
Interview with Dave Maas from the Electronic Frontier Foundation on police surveillance technology and the recent Santa Cruz City Council approval for SCPD to install 14 Automatic License Plate Reader cameras in Santa Cruz, California.
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(30may2024 INDYRADIO) This is the full statement from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg on the conviction of Donald Trump. Updates will follow, including original documents for download. Trump was convicted of all 34 counts as listed on the original indictment here.


D.A. Bragg Announces 34-Count Felony Trial Conviction of Donald J. Trump


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Oppose Stanford's Covert Op Against Student Protestors

"Stanford police officer Posada used lies and deception to lure a student to the police department where she was arrested and charged on unsubstantiated charges..."

the student was banned from campus, and would have been released in the middle of the night if not for a timely intervention.

Here is a press release from the May 23 Statement:

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