Ecuador: Former President Moreno Among 37 To Be Indicted

Lenin Moreno ponders his defense in the Ina Papers case.QUITO (22Feb23) Prosecutor Diana Salazar has asked the National Court of Justice to schedule a hearing to indict 37 people, including former President Lenín Moreno and his family circle, for the crime of bribery in the case known as the Ina Papers.

Salazar said that this investigation "reveals a corruption structure around the Coca Codo Sinclair hydroelectric project with an interstate and transnational scope and that it would have carried out its illegal actions between 2009 and 2018."

According to the State Attorney General the investigation based on the Ina Papers, will now be called the Sinohydro case.

37 people on the Prosecutor's list

The Prosecutor's Office plans to prosecute 37 people, including former President Lenín Moreno, his wife Rocío González, his daughter Irina Moreno, as well as two brothers and two sisters-in-law of Moreno.

Also on the Prosecutor's list are Xavier José M., Conto Agusto P., María Auxiliadora P., Juan Carlos P., Patricia de las Mercedes P., Manuel Ignacio P., Victoria P., Juan Manuel D. and Francisco José Ch. There are also former managers of Coca Codo Sinclair: Henrry de Jesús G., Luciano Enrique C., María Augusta del Rocío B. and Francisco Enrique C. The investigations also linked former Chinese ambassador to Ecuador Cai R. as well as Yang H., Song D., Wu Y. and Alie A.

Others indicted include former public officials and "trusted personnel" of the company Recorsa C.A. Sinohydro Corporation.

USD 76 million damage

Prosecutor Salazar said that the amount of damages for the alleged bribery is approximately USD 76 million. She recalled that the amount contracted for the hydroelectric was USD 1,979 million, but in practice, USD 2,245 million were paid.

"Those tens of millions of dollars in bribes would have been delivered by Sinohydro and channeled through third parties using a false image of consulting and representation services and paid through gifts, checks and transfers," Salazar explained.

Salazar highlighted that in these investigations there were 10 international criminal assistance requests from countries such as Panama, Belize, Switzerland, China, the United States and Spain. She also said international cooperation is essential for this type of case and added that there were 30 instances with China, a country that has not responded to date.


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