Life in the US without a Supreme Court


"Faced with government failure to protect lives, citizens have the power and the right to create change... Now is the time for millions to join in the streets to demand action on what are the biggest, deadliest issues facing humans and the planet today."

Since most of us are not aware of how the supreme court decision in West Virginia vs. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) affects us all, here is the reaction from Extinction Rebellion earlier this year.


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Does Post-Stroke Fetterman Have the Cognitive Ability to be a US Senator?

"I don’t know John Fetterman, but I’m  betting even while recovering from his stroke, he’s got more on the ball than the average sitting Senator or Representative.   At least he has shown something that that is almost completely lacking in the bodies of most politicians: a spine."

by Dave Lindorff

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Not far from the raging bull that became the icon of Occupy more then a decade ago, Extinction Rebellion met early this morning at the Museum of the American Indian to rally with the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities, to call out the "financial sector" for failing to deliver on COP26. We're hoping to get a report from the event before the day ends. The event announcement from Extinction Rebellion follows;

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