No One Wants to Mention Wikileaks Server is Down.

INDYRADIO (12jan23) At about the same time John Young of got permanently suspended from Twitter, we were doing some research and could not access any files from

Of course, the site looks completely normal, unless you actually try to use it.

We tried from several different locations in the world, since we have access to servers, but the results are either a 502 or 503 error.

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Regime Change in Ecuador

Former PDI official Fernando Ulloa remains a refugee in the Ecuadorian embassy

By press 10 years ago

Patricio Mery - Fernando Ulloa

While the journalist, Patricio Mery, who investigated and publicly denounced the drug trafficking case reported by the former uniformed officer and which would involve the CIA to overthrow the Ecuadorian president, is in Buenos Aires, Argentina, publicizing the made and seeking international support.

Chile Care Agency

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"Z" Marks the Spot: US Puppets in Greece Join Terror War


Greece joins coalition fighting terror By - The Washington Times - Sunday, December 2, 2001

ATHENS Linked to the West through NATO, the European Union and multiple historical affinities, Greece has responded wholeheartedly to Washington's call for help in the campaign against terrorism. Through words and actions it has joined the war to rid the world of international terrorism, which on September 11 demolished the twin towers of the World Trade Center, tore a hole in the Pentagon and snuffed out more than 4,000 lives.

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