Right Wing Putsch Dismantled in Germany

Vermummte Polizisten führen nach der Durchsuchung eines Hauses Heinrich XIII Prinz Reuß (2.v.r.) zu einem Polizeifahrzeug Foto: dpa
Prinz Reuß   Foto: dpa

INDYRADIO (8dec22) At least 25 have been arrested while German police continue to dismantle an "anti-constitutional" group with it's own government "councils" preparing to take power in Germany. Most of the story developed in the early hours Wednesday. The German prince, who was to be their figurehead, is seen being taken into custody at right and links to original, auf Deutsch. Royal titles have no legal recognition in Germany for more than a hundred years, though some former royalty choose to preserve their history, especially in Baden-Württemberg, where most of the warrants have been served. According to BZ-Berlin:

"Since November 2021, the members of the council have met regularly in secret to plan the intended takeover of power in Germany and the establishment of their own state structures," said a spokeswoman for the federal prosecutor's office.
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