Headlines March 27, 2023 from Democracy Now!

Chad Nationalizes ExxonMobil

Mar 27, 2023

The government of Chad says it has nationalized all assets and rights held by ExxonMobil. The U.S. gas giant announced last year it sold its operations in Chad and Cameroon to U.K.-based Savannah Energy, which said it would contest Chad’s nationalization plan. The West African nation has the 10th largest oil reserves in the continent and exports 90% of its oil.

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Headlines March 20, 2023 from Democracy Now!

Protesters Call for End to U.S. Wars on 20th Anniversary of Iraq Invasion

Mar 20, 2023

Over the weekend, protests took place across the U.S. calling for an end to U.S. involvement in the Ukraine war as the world marks the 20th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. In the nation’s capital, people rallied in front of the White House and marched in the streets of D.C. This is Claudia de la Cruz from The People’s Forum.

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